Why Choose Us?


Our crews have a wealth of shooting experience, and are professional in every situation.

Fluent in English & French

In a French city you need to communicate with your crew. Our crews are bilingual.

Knowledgeable Pre‐Production Help

We are at your service.

Post Production Help

Besides the obvious footage transfers, hard drive shipping, and backup safeties we also use cloud and FTP services, have great connections to editors and edit suites if needed, and know where to find reliable satellite uplink solutions.

Cost Effective

Our prices are fair and competitive. Contact us for a quote.


Over 25 years in the industry, incorporated in 1989.

Well Maintained Equipment

Because we own and operate our equipment, we make sure to take excellent care of it.


Montreal is a cosmopolitan city, and our crews and clientele come from all backgrounds, cultures and nationalities. We welcome you and look forward to working with you… Bienvenue à Montréal !


We have shot throughout Quebec, Canada, and the world. We will go anywhere we’re needed.

Are you a visiting DP or Producer?

If you are shooting in our area and need support, we will make every effort to accommodate your needs. Equipment, crews or logistics… contact us for specifics.